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Thanks for Visiting InkdDaddy!
InkdDaddy is the destination for all ink lovers. We deliver a blue-collar experience while
promoting apparel that feels comfortable and supportive in virtually all conditions. We proudly
support the families of fallen military and first responders by supporting local charities, such as
the Northern California Concerns of Police Survivors and Vets for Success.
Our collection includes t-shirts, hats, and tank tops with standardized sizing. We want you to
feel confident and look fantastic, whether you are exploring the open road or a hiking trail near
your home.
We like to say that we’re not here to show off, but we are here to show up. That’s what we
believe you need in today’s apparel. Our products function well at the gym, throughout a work
day, or playing with the kids.
With limited-time products, straightforward styles, and guaranteed comfort, we hope you’ll join
the InkdDaddy family! Thanks for considering us for your apparel needs today.

Learn more about us!

We are a family who have family and friends who are serving and/or have served either as Military, Police officers and/or First responders. And we wanted to do something to honor them by helping others in need who have made the same commitment and sacrifice. So first we wanted to start a non profit. But there's the endless expenses with hiring and paying yourself and others to run it. We didn't want that. So we started a brand for people like us, Inkd blue collar workers, military and first responders. We are super small start up. So please be patient while we grow. We are self funded so we do what we can when we can.

Our mission is to donate 20% and work up to 50% or higher (eventually) of our profits to the non profit (we hope to start very soon), to help families of fallen Military personnel, police and first responders. In doing this we create a way to fund the non profit with hopes of less expenses to pay for with the funds that are supposed to be for people we are trying to help. A Simple brand with simple design. We aren't here to show off. We are here to show UP. Help spread the word and pass us along and help us help others!

Thank you for support.

TheInkdDaddy Family


If you’d like the chance to have your pictures featured on our social media pages or our
website, please feel free to submit them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter & Tik Tok (Coming Soon)