Get To Know InkdDaddy

When you wear brand-name merch, you're representing the vision and values of that company.
Here's a little note about who we are and why we started this journey.
Our family has members who are serving or our veterans of military service, law enforcement,
and first responders. Many of our friends are also in these fields. Our goal was to do something
that would honor them while helping others in need who make similar commitments and
sacrifices daily.
We thought about creating a non-profit organization, but the ongoing expenses and red tape
coming with that kind of business seemed like a waste of time and money during these first
days of our brand.
That's why we created Inkd. If you're a blue-collar worker, we want you to know that you're
represented out there. Your service is recognized.
Our eventual goal is to deliver 50% of our profits to different charities and non-profit groups
that support veterans' initiatives and families of first responders. We're a self-funded group,
doing what we can to recognize the hard work that you're doing each day.
We are a simple brand with a straightforward design that you can wear with pride. We're not
here to show off, nor are those who wear our apparel. We show up because that's what our
brothers and sisters need.
Thanks for considering our team for your needs today. We appreciate whatever support you
can offer, even if that means you're just talking about our site to others.
Never underestimate the power that one person has to change a life.