Inkd Hat Collection

Inkd FlexFit Hats
The Inkd FlexFit hat delivers a one-size-fits-most opportunity to support your style and fashion.
It provides a comfortable wear experience with small/medium or large/extra-large options in
colors you’ll love.
Each cap uses the traditional button-top design with a flexible, stretchable design that offers a
beautiful fit. That makes it comfortable to wear anywhere or any time of day, especially with
the shapable bill.
Each FlexFit hat is of the highest quality while supporting the InkdDaddy brand, vision, and
values. Select the size that suits you perfectly, pick your preferred color combination, and show
people who you are.
Some FlexFit caps can feel a little tight at first. With continued wear, it will become one of your
favorite things to wear daily!


Inkd Ponytail Trucker’s Cap
When it’s time to put your hair up, a snapback hat gives you a bit of a gap to make that happen.
It just isn’t super comfortable, especially when you’ve got some length to your ponytail.
Our Inkd Ponytail Trucker’s Cap delivers an innovative solution. You receive the mesh back that
stays breathable and a Velcro adjustment that simulates the snapback, but there’s an opening
for keeping your hair high.
A split in the back seam ensures you can keep your hair as you like it without sacrificing
comfort. All other aspects of this cap follow the traditional button-top design, including the
foldable bill in front.
You can still run your ponytail through the bottom opening if you prefer. This added flexibility
makes it one of the best additions to the InkdDaddy catalog today!