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InkdDaddy is the destination for all ink lovers. We deliver a blue-collar experience while
promoting apparel that feels comfortable and supportive in virtually all conditions. We proudly
support the families of fallen military and first responders by supporting local charities, such as
the Northern California Concerns of Police Survivors and Vets for Success.
Our collection includes t-shirts, hats, and tank tops with standardized sizing. We want you to
feel confident and look fantastic, whether you are exploring the open road or a hiking trail near
your home.
We like to say that we’re not here to show off, but we are here to show up. That’s what we
believe you need in today’s apparel. Our products function well at the gym, throughout a work
day, or playing with the kids.
With limited-time products, straightforward styles, and guaranteed comfort, we hope you’ll join
the InkdDaddy family! Thanks for considering us for your apparel needs today.

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