InkdMama Limited Edition "InkdQueen" T- Shirt & Flexfit Hat

InkdMama Limited Edition Flexfit Hat
Our InkdDaddy lineup strives to show up instead of showing off. We also know that our queens
out there want to express themselves in unique ways.
That’s why our team developed the InkdMama logo. It puts a spin on our skull design by adding
a crown while keeping the same elements of our primary visuals.
When investing in this beautiful addition to your look, you’ll receive all the benefits of the
FlexFit hat design. Even when the fit is a little tight at first, the material works its way into a
relaxed state with a couple of days of wear.

You already do so much for everyone. This limited-edition design ensures that you can
represent the people you love (including yourself!) with pride.
InkdMama Limited-Edition T-Shirt
Our limited-edition InkdMama t-shirt has everything you need to express yourself as a queen. It
fits comfortably without constraining the neck, shows off your best attributes, and delivers the
support you need to get stuff done.
It feels lightweight, but still delivers heavy-duty results for your busiest days. You can wear it to
the gym, while running your business, or for a night on the town.
The cotton/poly blend continues to deliver softness, even after several trips through the
laundry. It provides performance, style, and support for your active lifestyle.
This t-shirt is an essential addition to your wardrobe. You get the comfort that cotton delivers
with performance benefits without sacrificing your style.
You’re going to love how you look!